I have not felt this confident about my skin in over ten years. I want to cry every time I look in the mirror, I just can’t believe this has worked this well.

While using TCO, uncomfortable sensations were certainly diminished. Itching has gone down dramatically. My wounds healed up better than with anything else I have tried in 5+ years. The wounds healed with less complications, more normal collagen/keratin expression, less white depigmentation, SIGNIFICANTLY less pitting and atrophic scarring, less redness, resolved issues with Follicular Hyperplasia / hairs / hardened material being trapped under keratin layers.. TCO caused many fibers to come out immediately upon use on all areas of my face and neck. Fibers were primarily shiny black / dark blue / silver or white upon microscopy. TCO helped to really slough all the damaged and irritated skin off without much irritation at all, and with great relief shortly afterwards! I have not yet to this day, seen a topical help pull out fibers aside from TCO. I am very impressed with this remedy and VERY VERY grateful and appreciative to have had the chance to participate in this Beta Trial // discovery & have re ordered.

I found results to be very helpful and productive in treating my skin afflictions. I applied after cleansing 1 to 3x day. Even when waking in middle of night I would apply. During the trial I noticed less urge to pick and itch lesions and bumps, less boils forming under hard biofilm skin. Lesions and oozing boils healed much faster. I did have burning sensation with the 2nd product application but that is to be expected with magnesium deficient skin. Over the 30 days I did not use any internal antibiotics, which usually keep the biggest flares under control. I really wanted to see full results. I would recommend TCO to anyone dealing with biotoxin skin issues related to bartonella or morgellons. It dries and heals without causing major peeling and drying effects. My skin feels smooth and like real skin again. I could even wear a thin layer of makeup over TCO application without problems. Again I thank you so much for letting me try this product. I love it and I would definitely keep it in my everyday health regimen.