About Us

TCO Glow is a company that was founded by a young women and her father who has been fighting Morgellons Disease.

The story really began back in 2011 when my father was seriously ill and misdiagnosed by doctors. He was told he was past the point of recovery and the only option was to schedule grief counseling for our family.

The discovery of TCO glow came about through the many years of my father's struggle. He, as well as so many others faced many disappointing attempts to find a remedy. Together we spent years on end trying to find a solution to get relief from this horrendous disease in order to return to a somewhat normal life.

Out of desperation we were able to create a product that heals the wounds and sensations caused by Morgellon's Disease.

We have made it our mission to help as many Morgellons sufferers as possible.

Our dream is to help people with Morgellons Disease to feel hopeful and be reassured that this ailment is real and that they are not alone. TRUTH COMES OUT.

Thank you