6 early warning signs of Morgellons

6 early warning signs of Morgellons

Aug 17th 2021

For those who have dealt with Morgellons long-term, many early signs indicated what they were dealing with was more than just a skin allergy or condition. To help you determine if you might be suffering from more than just a typical skin reaction, here are 6 early warning signs that you might be dealing with Morgellons.

Intense Itching

One of the primary and early signs of Morgellons is intense itching . The sensation is so intense that you can end up scratching your skin to the point of tearing. Most intense itching is caused by skin lesions, blisters, bumps, a rash, or redness. Yet, for Morgellons patients, the itching can occur without any of these causes being present.

The itching can also be delocalized, spreading around your body. That can make any diagnosis more challenging because it can mimic other diseases.

Crawling Sensations Under or On the Skin

Morgellons’ patients also frequently point to crawling sensations , felt both under and on their skin. Often, it is described as if bugs were crawling on them. This sensation is known as paresthesia, which is feelings on or under the skin without any physical cause. It can also feel as if parts of your body have fallen asleep. Formication is another form of tactile hallucination when you experience a feeling with no physical cause.


While depression can be caused or the cause of many different conditions, Morgellons’ patients tend to deal with it frequently. There are many reasons why this is the case. For some, the lack of medical support in dealing with Morgellons can cause depression to occur. Since there is believed to be a mental health component to Morgellons, depression could also be a manifestation of those mental health issues.

Short-term Memory Loss

Besides feeling depressed, sad, or isolated, Morgellons’ patients have also noted short-term memory loss. Not only can this negatively impact your quality of life, but it can also be embarrassing, especially if you are already struggling with feelings of doubt about what is wrong with you. It could mean having problems remembering why you went into a room or being able to follow a conversation.


With all the itching and crawling sensations, it can be difficult to sleep. That lack of sleep can often make the symptoms even worse. Morgellons’ patients can scratch throughout the night and thus interrupt their sleep patterns.

Joint Pain

Along with various sensations on or under the skin, Morgellons can also cause joint pain. For those with Lyme disease, joint pain is caused by Borrelia bacterium, spread via tick bites. Since joint pain develops with the later stages of Lyme disease, researchers have looked for this bacterium or something similar to help them understand why Morgellons’ patients also deal with joint pain.

Fibers On or Under the Skin

One of the signs that areexplicitly associated with Morgellons is the fibers on or under the skin. These fibers are made up of a variety of materials, including keratin, collagen, and cotton. It is unclear where they come from or why they are specific colors.

If you are dealing with several of these signs or symptoms, you might want to talk to your doctor about possible causes, including Morgellons. While research is still ongoing, there are ways to help you deal with the symptoms.

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