It’s Glow Time: Finding Morgellons Relief

It’s Glow Time: Finding Morgellons Relief

Feb 16th 2021

If you’ve been suffering from Morgellons Disease, you don’t need us to tell you how agonizing the symptoms can be. The feeling of constant crawling all over your skin, rashes, and fibers emerging out of your body are just a few of the everyday symptoms you may face. What’s more – Morgellons has been misunderstood in the medical community for years, likely leaving you feeling dismissed.

The fibers caused by Morgellons are perhaps even less understood than the disease itself. While the medical community does not agree on what the fibers are made of, Morgellons fibers are a formation of individual and bundled masses of various colored fibers that cause pain and erupt through the skin barrier. Even with the physical manifestation of these fibers, Morgellons patients are sometimes still left unheard or believed.

At TCO, we believe you. Because of our own experience with Morgellons, we made it our life’s mission to help you find lasting relief for your very real suffering. While our A/B Topical Rub is not a cure for Morgellons patients, it does provide a predictable and repeatable process that can pull fibers from unbroken skin before you develop lesions.

This process of fiber extraction helps quell itchy and burning sensations and promotes skin healing. Ingredients such as aloe, emu oil, and magnesium work to bring you relief.

As you can read from our testimonials, our A/B Topical Rub has provided both hope and relief to patients across the country suffering with Morgellons. With each product we sell, we hope to bring healing and hope to your Morgellons’ journey.