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TCO Glow is a company that was founded by a daughter and her father who for 7 years has been fighting the disease Morgellons.
The story really began back in 2011 when my father got so sick and was misdiagnosed by doctors and told he was so far past being able to recover that the only option was to schedule grief counseling for our family.
TCO glow came about through my fathers fight and the many years of so many disappointing trial and error‘s that so many sufferers have faced. My father and I spent years on end trying to find a solution to help this horrendous disease in anyway possible to return to somewhat of a normal life again.
We were lucky enough to come across a product that was able to heal so many of the wounds and sensations that my father believed he was going to be stuck with for the rest of his life. After that our own fire was reignited and we made it our mission to be able to help as many suffers as possible who are constantly shut down, misdiagnosed, and lied to by so many doctors and even people around them.
This is a disease has affected lives in more ways than ever imagined but our dream is to be able to help end the suffering so no one again has to feel hopeless and has constant repetitive proof that this is not in your head. TRUTH COMES OUT.
Thank you