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Please check the commonly asked questions before contacting us directly.




 Is tco a cure for morgellons?

 No. TCO is a solution, not a cure but is helpful to many common skin issues     associated with the disease. Our primary focus for this product way to find a   way to extract the largest amount of MD fibers and artifacts. This is a   predictable, repeatable process that can also end the debate of where the   fibers are coming from as our product pulls the fibers from unbroken skin even   prior to lesions.


 Is TCO right for you?

 TCO is meant purely for fiber removal associated to Morgellons to allow the   skin to function and look more normal. It also gives the community the ability to   show anyone doubting the origin of the fibers the extraction process   predictably  and repeatably.

 What are morgellons fibers?

 Morgellons fibers are a very particular formation of individual and bundled   masses of various colored fibers. For detailed photos and more information   please visit our photo gallery and reference page.

What are your ingredients?

  Active ingredient: 4% lidocaine Inactive ingredients: Water, stevia, emu oil,   aloe  barbadensis leaf juice, triethanoline, carbomer, glycerin,   polysorbate 20,   tocopheryl acetate,   phenoxyerhanol, chlorphenesin, disodium EDTA.
  Pure Magnesium Oil

 How does the topical system work?

 After A is applied/rubbed in for 1-2 minutes, B should be sprayed on the same   site and rubbed in, preferably with ungloved hands. After that an extraction   should immediately occur. The extraction can consist of single and small balls   of fibers, liquids, biofilm, cyst residue, and other artifacts coming from the skin.   If this is not the reaction you expirence please contact us as there may be a   large build up of biofilm that will require additional steps.


 What does the TCO topical system help with?

 TCO was created to help treat/lessen the symptoms of Lyme/Morgellons   disease. Our topical system helps to remove the bio-burden build up from   fibers. With the removal of the fibers the skin is able to heal much more   naturally and no longer requires the picking or prodding of the skin. It also   helps  remove the sensations of crawling, biting, stinging, and itching that   are common issues in the MD community.


 What is your refund policy?

 Due to TCO Glow being a start up company we do not do returns or refunds.   Please inquire if the product is damaged upon arrival.


 How often should the topical system be used?

 The TCO topical system should be used at least once a day. The product can   be used in the morning and at night. Again TCO is not a cure but by keeping   fiber levels down the skin is able to heal and prevent new wounds more   naturally.


 Does the topical need to be washed off after use?

Yes. After the product is used, please wash off, preferably in the shower. Also, during product use, stand in/over an area that can be washed after.


 Does the topical irritate the skin?

 After A and B is applied there is a slight warming sensation. If the B has been   sprayed over an area of skin not previously treated by A some slight   burning and redness may occur. If burning occurs, leave topical A on for an   additional 1-2 minutes before applying B. In extremely sensitive areas, after   applying A, rather than spray B directly to the skin spray the B onto the fingers   of your hand then rub only on the area that A has been applied. If the burning   and redness is too uncomfortable, please contact us and wait for a response   before continuing use.


 Where can i put the topical?

 The topical treatment has been used on all parts of the body. If the topical is   being put on or around a sensitive area, leave step A on for an additional 1-2   minutes before applying step B to help avoid/lessen the burning sensation that   may occur. Please avoid contact with the eyes and do not ingest.


 What skin conditions will TCO help with?

 As of now, TCO was created to help symptoms of Lyme/Morgellons disease.   We are still doing research as to what other skin conditions TCO may be able   to  help treat. TCO is NOT a cure but is a system to help lessen   symptoms/outcomes of Lyme/Morgellons disease.


 Will the fibers return?

 Unfortunately, as long as you carry the Lyme/Morgellons infection, the fibers   will  continue to be produced but with proper use of TCO you can lessen the   lesions and other issues associated to a large build-up of fibers under the skin.


 When will my product arrive?

We understand the severe personal cost and struggle of having Morgellons. Work 24/7 to make sure your product will get to you as soon as possible but   since we are a start up company, some orders may take longer than other to be fulfilled. You will receive a shipping confirmation email when it has shipped.